Streaming Help
The live webstream is distributed in 1080p HD quality and can be viewed on various devices connected to the internet including mobile devices due to adaptive streaming technology. We hope that everyone can enjoy the stream in 1080p--the home TV high definition standard, and viewers should have a strong network connection to see the best display. Weaker network connections are served a stream at the quality appropriate to their device and bandwidth. It is not unusual for slow internet connections and devices to experience a lagging stream, but the quality can be adjusted as mentioned below.  If you have a lackluster viewing experience, be sure to check the video after the livestream is over.  A few days after the webcast, a higher quality video will be uploaded.

The following are some suggestions to get the best viewing experience and to troubleshoot.

1. It is typical for the livestream to buffer at the beginning for users, but generally improves.
2. Clicking the gear icon along the playbar can allow the user to adjust the quality and have a more consistent stream. 720p is the web high definition standard. Users also find that by switching back to 1080p after a short time works well too. "Auto" tries to find an appropriate stream quality for the user's connection, but isn't always effective.
3. Hard-wired internet connections with broadband internet speeds are preferred over wireless networks.
4. One stream should be running on one device in one of the internet browsers.  If the steam is running in multiple windows or browsers, close all but one.
5.  Sometimes refreshing your browser and then pressing the play button in the lower left corner of the video can restart the stream.
6.  If the stream is buffering, it may be as simple as clicking the Play button to begin the stream.
7.  Closing your browser and re-opening it can be helpful.
8.  Sometimes trying a different browser is helpful to users (but remember to close previous streaming sessions).
9.  A stream usually buffers when it first begins.  Be sure to give it a chance and if buffering persists, press the play button.
10.  Your stream quality is automatically determined, but you can adjust it lower to avoid excessive buffering.
11.  If the live stream just ended and displays "Live stream offline", click the refresh button on your browser and then click the play button.  The re-watching of the program may be delayed as the video is encoded, but it should be ready shortly.
12. Rebooting your computer can be helpful in some cases.